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Food Storage 101



This book Food Storage 101 is one in a series of books written on the subject of food storage. With the upcoming world events and the scare of food shortages many people are starting a food storage program for their families. The Author of this book Peggy Layton has everything you need to know to begin and maintain a food storage program in your home; it's almost like having your own home grocery store and pharmacy. 
You store what you eat and eat what you store, then you replace what you use. With this plan in your home you will never be caught short without enough food to feed your family in case of an emergency. This is a workbook with an inventory and planning guide, as well as a 14 day menu planner to help you calculate how much food you need to continue eating the way you do now without having to change your diet in a crises. This book will help anyone from beginners to advanced. It covers: Where to store bulk food, How to store bulk food, What kind of containers to use, and how much food to store!
This book is written in an easy to follow format with a 6 step plan of action. This plan eliminates the overwhelmed feeling you get when you think of storing at least a three month to a years supply of food. This book is a must for anyone concerned about the problems our nation faces in the near future with food shortages.

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