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Bosch Universal Plus w/Bowl Scraper & Cookie Paddles $499.95

Price List:
$479.00: Bosch Universal Plus w/Paddles
$449.00: Bosch Universal w/Dough Hook Extender
$519.00: Bosch Mixer w/Scraper & Paddles

Includes Dough hook extender
The New Bosch Universal Plus Mixer is sure to be the Best mixer you'll ever own! You'll be amazed at the power & capacity of this machine. Since the mid 1950's Bosch has been setting the standard for quality, reliability & function. We are confident you will experience many years of trouble-free use with this newly redisigned Bosch Mixer.
It comes with a new larger 6 1/2 quart mixing bowl, dough hook and gourmet whisks. We have a limited supply at this exceptional price.


Powerful 800 watt motor
Dual gourmet whisks
Heavy dough hook (will knead up to 15lbs. of bread dough at a time)
2 Available attachments Four speeds Steel drive train/couplers
Removable Bowl Shaft
Suction Feet
Handle all around bowl for easy pouring & handling

Whether you cook once in a while, are just learning to cook or are a professional chef, you will love this machine! It's top load design makes it easy to add ingredients while your mixing & if you need to switch from whipping to kneading it's a snap. Simply remove the lids & switch out the beaters for the heavy duty kneading arm & you can mix all your heavy mixtures.

Our family has sold & serviced Bosch Mixers since 1970. This is destined to be the best Bosch Mixer yet. If you should ever need parts or accessories we carry everything Bosch has available for this machine. You'll love it's quiet yet powerful smooth running 800 watt power system. The average life of previous models was 17 years. In testing this new model, the power unit (motor & transmission) is twice as durable! We have different specials on this unit that run throughout the year. You'll enjoy years of trouble-free use. We mix up to (15 lbs) of heavy doughs including 100% whole grain breads, rolls-up to 82 at one time-or bagels, croissant, & whatever you need to mix, whip or knead. If you are looking for a machine that will knead doughs, you will not find a more durable, more effective kneading kitchen mixer in the world! We hope you enjoy your new Bosch Mixer-we love ours! If you should ever need accessories, parts or service, give us a call anytime. If you need a good recipe for 12 grain bread or pita bread or pie crust or most any bread check out our recipes online if you don't find it, give us a call toll-free.

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